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        Social Responsibility Report of Wuxi Yonghua Battery Co., Ltd. (2021)

        Report Overview

                This report is the first Social Responsibility Report publicly released by Wuxi Yonghua Battery Co., Ltd. This report is prepared with reference to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Guidelines for Sustainable Development Report (G3 version), Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Guidelines for the Preparation of China's Corporate Social Responsibility Report, and in combination with our unique understanding of social responsibility and specific practices

        Report Range

                Unless otherwise specified, this report mainly describes the work of Wuxi Yonghua Battery Co., Ltd. in the company's operation, internal control management, development planning, supply chain, talent construction and other aspects during the period from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021. The report covers the company's alkaline battery research and development, production, sales, services and other businesses

                Wuxi Yonghua Battery Co., Ltd

                Address: Qianshi Road, Qianzhou Street, Huishan District, Wuxi City

                Postal Code: 214181

                Tel.: 0510-88339238

                Fax: 0510-88339238

                E-mail: sales@wxyhdc.com

                Company homepage: http://www.dandbcomputer.com/

        I. Company Profile

                Wuxi Yonghua Battery Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research, development, production and sales of alkaline batteries of various specifications and models. The company was founded in 1999 with a registered capital of 5 million yuan and an area of 20000 square meters (Figure 1). At present, the company has passed the national high-tech enterprise

        (Figure 1 Company office space)

                The company insists on positioning the upstream of the industrial chain, focusing on the national key new energy and energy conservation and environmental protection fields, carrying out corresponding technology research and development around the application of alkaline batteries, and vigorously developing the research, development and manufacture of long-life, safe and explosion-proof series of special alkaline battery products that are highly professional and in short supply in the country

                To this end, the company has increased equipment investment and purchased necessary control equipment for the production line, which can carry out more precise control on the production line, which will make the production process adjustment more accurate and timely, make the progressiveness of the production line equipment reach a new high in the domestic industry, improve the manufacturing and automation rate of intelligent products such as body and assembly, and use the MES system to improve product quality, improve the utilization level of existing capacity, and enhance market competitiveness, Ensure the promotion of personalized customization of products, promote the flexibility of production lines and the transformation of intelligent manufacturing driven by digitalization, and the annual production capacity is expected to reach 200000 sets. (Figure 2)


        (Figure 2 - Workshop Intelligent Equipment Diagram)


                The company has introduced advanced equipment and technology, and a comprehensive product quality monitoring and testing system. It has passed the ISO9001: 2015 quality system certification, ISO14001: 2015 environmental management system certification, OHSAS18001:2008 occupational health and safety management system certification and ISO5001: 2018 energy management system certification. The company's management is strictly in accordance with the system documents. The implementation of ERP and MES system software has realized the system management upgrade and paperless office. The lean management ensures that the technical indicators of the products produced reach the domestic advanced level

                The company has its own production site for alkaline battery products. The company strictly controls the quality of raw materials, so that the company's product quality has better stability. The overall strength of the company has become one of the alkaline battery manufacturers in China

                The company's market positioning is clear, and its main customers include listed companies at home and abroad, large group companies, and well-known enterprises. Since its products were put on the market, the company has received unanimous praise from customers at home and abroad

                The company will continue to introduce advanced technology, advanced equipment, attract professionals in all aspects, rely on the power of science and technology, the power of talent, continue to develop and innovate, and is committed to bringing higher satisfaction to our customers

        II. Business Status

                After just a few years of development, Wuxi Yonghua Battery Co., Ltd. has made a qualitative leap in terms of asset scale and economic benefits. In 2021, the company's sales revenue will be 71.775 million yuan, the profit will be 3.4617 million yuan, and the R&D investment will be 3.369 million yuan. The leading products account for 90% of the sales revenue, and the technology source of the leading products is independent development

        III. Organization Chart

        IV. Technological Innovation

        1. Technical management

                The company firmly grasps the lifeline of core technology, carries out technical research in the above key areas, and independently obtains one kind of alkaline battery cathode material technology and one kind of alkaline battery cathode material technology, which is the first in this field, and has obtained one invention patent for each

                The follow-up company strategy will focus on promoting the cooperation between industry, university and research. The company plans to carry out the cooperation between industry, university and research at Beijing University of Science and Technology, actively track the development direction of new material application technology, new equipment improvement technology, efficient production process technology, energy-saving and low consumption production process technology at home and abroad, adjust the technology development strategy, do a good job in technological innovation and technological breakthrough, and improve the quality of the company's new energy and energy-saving battery materials and process equipment, Maintain the company's leading position in China. According to the change of market demand and the adjustment of national industrial policy, high performance and composite new materials have been developed. At the same time, we will effectively solve and improve the focus problems in the existing production process, improve the grade and quality of products, and improve the competitiveness and added value

        2. R&D team

                The company has always adhered to the idea of "science and technology based" development, focused on scientific and technological innovation and achievements transformation, and has a talent team with the highest technical level in the industry. Many R&D projects have international advanced level and are ahead of domestic level. A long-term talent training development plan has been established to ensure technology leadership and talent advantage

        3. Intellectual property work

                So far, the company has accumulated 8 valid patents and applied for 1 invention patent

        5. Credit Construction

                The spirit of contract is based on honesty. The company has always taken credit management as an important part of its daily management. In a modern society with an increasingly developed market economy, we know that "abiding by contracts and valuing credit" is the foundation for the survival and development of enterprises, and the credit qualification of enterprises has become an indispensable label in the market competition. The company always adheres to the principle of honesty and welcomes customers with trust, which has been positively evaluated and fully trusted by customers. The company's corporate credit rating is A

        VI. Environmental protection and conservation

        1. Environmental management

                The company has passed the ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system certification and the IS0 45001:2018 occupational health and safety management system certification, which has enhanced the company's ability to manage the environment and employees' occupational health and safety. All departments shall improve the environmental management system and incorporate it into normal management, record the operation data of environmental protection facilities and establish environmental protection archives. Establish and improve the emergency plan for environmental pollution accidents, and organize regular drills. Strengthen the management of production technology and equipment, make full use of various resources and energy, improve the utilization rate of raw materials and energy, and do not produce or produce less waste. If the pollution problem can be solved through maintenance and equipment replacement, the production shall be stopped for maintenance and equipment replacement. Key control of important environmental factors and unacceptable hazard sources shall be carried out, and the company shall abide by laws and regulations. Since its establishment, no major safety and environmental accidents have occurred

                In 2021, the company also carried out greenhouse gas verification

        2. Resource conservation and comprehensive utilization

                First of all, the company focuses on energy conservation and emission reduction. In 2021, the company will carry out the technical transformation of the full-automatic high-speed mercury free alkaline battery production line, add 8 intelligent production lines, and through advanced process control, the company's workshop has strengthened the product process research and improvement, established a scientific and accurate process flow, and increased the production capacity by three times. After the completion of the project, the designed production capacity of alkaline battery will reach 200 million knots/year. Secondly, the company actively carried out accurate classification and partition stacking of raw materials, gradually promoted various energy conservation and environmental protection measures, gradually instilled the awareness of energy conservation and emission reduction to employees, improved production efficiency while reducing energy consumption, reduced waste for the company, brought environmental protection to the society, and achieved sustainable and healthy development

                The company assesses suppliers and puts forward requirements. It gives priority to purchasing materials provided by suppliers passing the environmental management system and green materials to fulfill its environmental and social responsibilities

        VII. Safety Production Management

        1. Safety production management

                The company adheres to the safety production policy of "safety first, combination of prevention and control, prevention first". Gradually implement modern safety management, pay attention to the safety and health of employees in operation, establish a company safety production leading group, clearly equip full-time and part-time safety management personnel, improve the safety production management network, develop a safety production responsibility system and safety production management system at all levels, and clearly define the responsibilities of functional departments

        2. Safety production input

                The company formulates and strictly implements the safety production budget according to national laws and regulations, develops emergency plans and conducts drills, and organizes the implementation of safety improvement projects. Invest funds every year to provide employees with the required safety resources, including personal protective equipment, labor protection articles, etc., to prevent occupational injuries, diseases and accidents, as well as handle emergencies. In accordance with the safety prevention policy of "safety first, prevention first, and comprehensive treatment", the "all staff security project" has been implemented, which has provided technical support for the protection of enterprise property safety, the protection of employees' vital interests, the maintenance of normal business management order, and improved the level of enterprise safety management

        3. Safety production education and training

                Employees are the most valuable wealth of the enterprise, and the development of the enterprise can not be separated from employees. Our company has always regarded safe production and employee labor protection as the top priority of all work, and earnestly maintained the life safety and occupational health of employees. In order to further strengthen the safety work of the enterprise, create a good atmosphere of "safety management, everyone is responsible", establish the ideology of safety as the top priority, and form a consensus of "safe production, people-oriented", the company carried out activities such as appropriate implementation of safety knowledge and fire drill

        8. Employees

        1. Labor contract and salary

                The Company strictly abides by and fully implements the Labor Contract Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations, signs written labor contracts with employees in accordance with the principle of legality, fairness, equality and voluntariness, and performs, changes, rescinds and terminates labor contracts in accordance with the law. The signing rate of labor contracts is 100%. The Company shall formulate a scientific and reasonable salary system to pay employees' salaries in full and on time. The annual average wage growth rate shall be determined in accordance with the principle of simultaneous improvement of enterprise operating efficiency and employee income, according to the annual business objectives of the enterprise, in combination with the wage growth guidance line issued by the city, and by reference to the labor cost of the same industry and the labor market wage guidance level. For the needs of production and operation, overtime work shall be arranged with the consent of the employees and paid according to the national labor laws and regulations

        2. Social security

                The Company shall pay the pension, unemployment insurance, medical insurance and other social insurances and housing provident fund for employees in full and on time according to law

        3. Employee benefits

                Every year, the company will give holiday gifts to all employees on traditional festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, and will give birthday gifts on the month of employees' birthdays. The company also provides high-temperature subsidies in summer, and arranges paid long holidays based on seniority every year

        4. Occupational health and safety

                Pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees and conduct a general health survey of all employees. The company conducts a health survey for employees once a year and gynecological examination for female employees. Electronic archives of employee health have been established. At the same time, actively carry out occupational health publicity, and use comprehensive means such as releasing disease prevention information and knowledge to care about employees' health and reduce disease hazards. Especially during the 20-year COVID-19 epidemic, the company prepared a large number of epidemic prevention, protection and disinfection materials to ensure the physical safety of employees and resume work and production

        5. Staff training and development

                The company plans to carry out all-round, multi-level and systematic education and training every year. The company divides the training contents into induction training, skill training, management training and cultural training, and divides the training forms into on-the-job training, internal training and external training. It provides personalized learning and development plans for employees in different positions

        IX. Social Responsibility

                An excellent enterprise should not only consider the current interests, but also focus on long-term sustainable development. However, long-term development and sustainable operation cannot be separated from social coordination, harmony and development. Seriously fulfilling social responsibility is an important content that cannot be overlooked. While pursuing economic benefits and continuous development, our company actively performs public responsibilities and strictly abides by the code of ethics, protects the legitimate rights and interests of employees, treats suppliers and customers in good faith, achieves the synchronous growth of investors and employees' benefits with the healthy development of the company, so that customers can be satisfied and the society can rest assured, thus promoting the coordinated and harmonious development of the company and the society

                The company always regards social public responsibility as the foundation of the enterprise and pays attention to social influence. In terms of waste gas, waste water, noise, safety production, etc., we will strictly comply with national standards, fully implement the application of energy-saving equipment and technology, the upgrading and transformation of environmental protection equipment, the utilization of resources and new energy, and adhere to the environmental protection policy of "abiding by laws and regulations, assuming social responsibility, building a harmonious environment, and creating a green future"

                The company analyzed the causes of public worries and took various measures:

                In terms of product safety, for hazardous materials, our company resolutely prohibits the use of substances and materials harmful to health and environmental safety

                In terms of environmental pollution, in view of the pollution caused to the surrounding environment by waste water, waste gas, noise, solid waste, etc., our company strictly implements the dust removal system to purify the waste gas that will cause environmental pollution and discharge it after reaching the standard: the cooling water system is recycled to achieve zero emission

                In terms of comprehensive utilization of resources, the classification management of returned materials of self-produced and processed products shall be strictly enforced to achieve 100% recycling

                In terms of safety production, adhere to comprehensive management, prevention first, prevention combination, and eliminate the source of potential safety hazards from the system level to every operation link. Everyone from leaders to employees care about safety, resist unsafe behaviors, and eliminate safety accidents

                In terms of public health, garbage and waste are stored by category, inspected and cleaned every day. Consciously accept social supervision, actively listen to the opinions of surrounding communities and governments, and constantly improve

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